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KAKU PAR-1000/PAT-103
Hi there,

At first I would like to give my compliments to curlymo and all other active contributers to this project. Ik was looking for some experimentation with my rPi and this is a great project for that.

So I had a KAKU PAR-1000 receiver and a PAT-103 sender. I want to swith the radio outlet with my pi. So I bought a 433MHz Superheterodyne 3400 transmitter and receiver.

I did a fresh install of Raspbian and did an install of pilight 3.0 and wiringPi. So far so good, no errors.

I connected the receiver the way mentioned on this page:

And my hardware.json looks like this:
        "433gpio": {
                "sender": 0,
                "receiver": 1

Next to that I followed the instructions on http://www.pilight.org/post/controlling-radio-outlets to get my ID and unit numbers. But I do not receive any settings when pressing the 6 several buttons.

So looking on this forum I've learned to test the setup with pilight-raw. At that moment there is a continue flood of 433gpi: <number>
When I press a button at that moment the flood is stopping for a short moment. So it seems to me pilight is receiving something.

I don't have a filter at this moment. I only want to know at which ID and unit number I can trigger my radio outlet to test my setup.

Can someone help me any further with this one?
If the flood is stopping when you press a button then some connections are not ok. The flood shouldn't stop but it should show a recurring pattern of pulses for about a second.

Try this hardware.json:
        "433gpio": {
                "sender": 1,
                "receiver": 0
I've changed it, but unfortunately nothing happens now.

Just for testing purposes I've tried your example configuration in the config file, this one:
    "living": {
        "name": "Living",
        "order": 1,
        "bookshelve": {
            "name": "Book Shelve Light",
            "protocol": ["kaku_switch"],
            "id": [{
                "id": 1234,
                "unit": 0
            "state": "off"
        "television": {
            "name": "Television",
            "protocol": ["relay"],
            "id": [{
                "gpio": 3
            "state": "off"

When I change on/off statuses in the browser pilight-receive receives input. I don't know if that will help in helping?
What receiver do you have? Can you post a link?
One you adviced, this one:
That's not the issue then. Can you try the lirc hardware mode?
I couldn't find a tutorial about it.
I think I have to install lirc first? And how do I configure the correct pot?
Thanks for the tips. Lirc is running now and also registering (a lot) of inputs. But unfortunately, none of them is a kaku switch.

If I press the KAKU PAT-103 button it doesn't give a response. Do I overlook something?

I also tried to run pilight-raw, but that's resulting in an error:
Could not initialize 433lirc hardware mode
If the gpio hardware mode doesn't work with pilight-raw you must have a wrong connection or a broken receiver.

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