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KAKU PAR-1000/PAT-103
Can you guys put some raw output on pastebin when pressing buttons.

Also remember that we can't give support when unsupported receivers are used.
Sure i can do that tonight. Any special requirements, or should i simply let pilight-raw running and than push the buttons wild? Or just one button?
I'm not at home until next week. I'll check it when I'm back.
Here we go. Some seconds of button smashing on my remote.
Had to split it into two pastes because pastebin only allows 500k per paste:
Can you make a photo of the receiver you are using?
It is the exact same receiver module mentioned in the ebay page in my first post. Model:MX-05V, on the photo on ebay it is the right module.
The pulses just don't look like what i expect from this receiver.
For me the pulses are quite ramdom, my untrained eye dont see nothing at all.

Dont know if it helps, but for my Arduino project project i use that code here to receive code from the remote http://playground.arduino.cc//Code/HomeE...lock&num=3.

I would love to try the receiver you recommend in the wiki. Problem is that i have no German Source and shipping from China takes ages.
You said you have the recommended receiver?

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