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[Fully Supported] DHT22
The wiki seems not to be up2date:

pilight-daemon: ERROR: setting #7 "settings" of "dht22", invalid

Without settings array using poll-interval pilight is at least starting, but sensor won't be updated after some time any more. log spams then:
"dht22: checksum was wrong"
Can you try to reconnect the sensor when that happens?
i tried, it works sometimes after that for a short time again. i changed wires and sensors, same behaviour.
Can you test it with the standalone version with just wiringPi and leave that running for a while?
it works, i tested that too as i wrote in the wrong placed new thread. can i provide any further information, logs etc?
Can you post the standalone script you are using? It is probably the same as i am using in pilight...
it's probably the same script as u said, but i guess something else is interfering.

It's from adafruit - found here: https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_Pyt...dht_read.c

i do not use python to call but bash. (should make no difference)
Can you try installing pilight 5.0 together with the development dht22 protocol from the development repository:
apt-get install pilight-protocol-dht22
done and tested, same debugging errors.
pilight-daemon: DEBUG: dht22 data checksum was wrong

if i had more time, i would look into the bytes received from dht22 but i am lacking of spare time at the moment...
I've got the same sensor and it's working flawless with the latest changes.

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