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[Fully Supported] DHT22
Should be fixed.
Wiki is intentional because there are hardly any difference between the two.
There is a typo in the wiki Protocol DHT22 ver.7. In Optional Settings > GUI Settings, the default value for temperature-decimals and humidity-decimals is 2, but the GUI displays only one decimal digit.
But my problem is the following:
If I set temperature-decimals and humidity-decimals to 2 the displayed value has two decimal places but rounded to the tenth (the second decimal digit is always equal to 0). Should be so or it's a bug?
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That's probably because the sensor does not supply more detailed data, I've set mine to 1 decimal place.
Can either of you check and when necessary do a PR?

You're right, I looked on the DHT22 datasheet and have seen that the sensor encodes the relative humidity as TENTHS of a percent. Many thanks.
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I'm sorry to dig this thread out, but I can't find a better one and don't know where to report bugs.

I have a Pi with dht22 running outside at my garage and it was below 0°C for first time since installation. The temperature offset is set to -2.5°C (bug #1: have to use temperature_offset=-25.0 in config.json) Perhaps nobody uses dht22 sensors outside or/and with offsets except me?

Well pilight surprised me with positive temperatures below -2.5°C, it says +3°C when it should be -3°C (bug #2).
Looking at dht22.c at github the problem is right there at lines 158-168. The offsets are calculated before negative temperatures are handled and the values for temperature and humidity are properly calculated.
That's what this thread is for Smile

Can you do a PR with the proposed fix (and according to the PR rules)?

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