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pilight-debug not working
Have this kit on order:


.. but expected delivery is only 7.Apr

Which kit did you posted previously on this thread? Is that a good or bad one?

How about the delivery status of the new filter assy? Is there a German distro already?
For receiver reviews, visit the wiki.

I currently sended one filter to Germany to see how long it takes and if it even arrives. If i have good experiences, i will do Germany as well.
I am new to the world of 433 MHz. In general i have a working configuration of pilight 3.0 environment, however i am having the same problem: in 9 out of 10 cases pilight-debug hangs up and CPU load of pilight daemon increases to over 90%, i have to kill the daemon and restart all over.

My configuration:
Raspberry Rev B. connected to experimental board with the following hardware:
- LPF with ATTiny45 and pilight firmware (Standard)
- GeTech Superhet 3400RF Receiver (Standard), XY-MK-5V, RWS-371 1326 V1.00
- KXD10036 Transmitter (Standard), FS1000A, 1312V1.02

pilight-receive / - send is working fine over distances more than 10m using the following type of Equipment (protocol), Art-Nr.:
- Motion Detection (conrad_rsl_contact), RSW881T
- Motion Detection (elro_hc), HE861
- Motion Detection (elro_he), HE851
- Handheld Control (intertechno_switch), ITT-1500, ITR-1500
also working is the protocol link to the LPF:
- LPF (pilight_firmware), "version": 2, "lpf": 80, "hpf": 16000

pimatic and webserver interface is working
pilight-learn ist working in combination with my Intertechno ITT-1500 (controlling ITR-1500)

Not working is:
pilight-learn in combination with my QUIGG GT-7000 transmitters.
Once i have tried that transmitter i have to stop and restart the pilight-daemon, in order to get pilight-receive back to work.

pilight-debug will work in less than 10% of test cases with my ITT-1500.
pilight-debug is not working at all with the QUIGG GT-7000.
CPU load of pilight-daemon increases to over 90% after pilight-debug has failed to work.

Any idea where to start looking into details is appreciated.
Quote:pilight-receive / - send is working fine over distances more than 10m using the following type of Equipment (protocol), Art-Nr.:
Can you update the wiki when necessary with these devices.

Quote:Any idea where to start looking into details is appreciated.
This is a already known bug in pilight v3.0. The solution is to make sure only one receiving client is running at the same time (daemon, raw, debug, learn). In the latest dev code, you are forced to stop other clients first so the bug can't happen:

This version will be released soon.
Quote:Can you update the wiki ....
Will do so.
Quote:This is a already known bug in pilight v3.0....
TXS. I think the main reason for no protocol output from pilight-debug is that it follows already a wrong lead before i press any key on my transmitter (i have connected an external antenna to the receiver and can monitor a lot of RAW data with pilight-raw). I get proper binary data by activating the transmitter before starting pilight-debug.

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