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Best parts for receive signals with pilight

I follow the wiki and test some receivers. Now I have the "Expensive" Aurel ones and can't reach the 30m that are tested by curlymo. (Receiver wiki without an antenna)

With different type of antenna the best distance is ~ 5m with a 17cm straight metal pin.

What I see is a lot of numbers running on the screen when I start the pilight-raw mode without pressing any sender. Also the CPU is loaded with 15% only with pilight.

Question 1: What is the best Antenna design? Streight 17cm pin or any other small thing...

Question 2: How to prevent flooting the GPIO with mass of numbers? Read some threads about hardware filters. Are there any shematics available so I can build my own?

Question 3: I used a humble Pi board to put the sender/receiver and pegel converter on. Are there enough peoples that have interest in a "pilight PI shield" with all needed parts on it like Aurel receiver/ cheep sender / pegel converter / low pass filter as ATTiny?

BTW: Big thanks goes to curlymo.

Regars Peter
question1: Search the forum, you will find a thread about antenna's
question2: use a filter, you see noise what probably also disturbs your 'good' signals.
question3: For now use the band filter link

Have fun!
Don't forget this link if you want to build it yourself: http://forum.pilight.org/Thread-Band-pas...ew-version
Thanks for the quick Answers.

Best Antenna looks like is a 17.3 cm pin. But there are some other threads that says lenght should be 62.5cm or 57.2cm.

So I am a little confused because inside the Intertechno_Old switches there is only a short straight metal that is ~3.5cm in lenght and the switch receive the signal without problems over 12m!

I will add an ATTiny filter and test if this will improve the receive lengh.

Regards Peter
Filters dont increase the range, they only decrease the noise.
I'm interested in some comparison. Does the expensive aurel receiver receive signals any better then the standard advised receiver from the wiki? I have 3 receivers at the moment, all around the same price and they all seem to respond equally.

So, if there is a receiver which does a better job, or a antenna design (currently i use a helical antenna from ebay), i would really like to know it Smile
The wiki receiver review is based on my experiences with the most popular receivers.

I also experience equal reception with the 2 best ones (Aurel and Shenzhen), only the prices differs (more than € 10,-).

My first hardware goal was to create an all purpose and cheap filter. That has been achieved and working well. The next goals is to develop or find an all purpose proper antenna. Until then you can still use the ad-hoc network functionality of pilight to increase range across the house.

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