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[workaround]Intertechno ITL 210 Dimmer

i've got a Intertechno ITL-210 Dimmer. The dimmer has a button for learning intertechno codes and it works as follows:
Pressing "On" once will switch the device on. Pressing "On" again results in a series of slowly fading brighter and darker dimming. Pressing "On" again will set this dimlevel. "Off" turns the device off and has no further functions.

I know that you've said here, thats this types of devices won't be supported. There's also a thread from last year, where a protocol for some type of intertechno dimmer was developed (apparently without any results..?)

For the moment, I'm can use the dimmer with the kaku_screen_old protocoll, cause this device has momentary buttons for "up" and "Down".

"Deckenlampe": {
                        "name": "Deckenlampe",
                        "protocol": [ "kaku_screen_old" ],
                        "id": [{
                                "unit": 3,
                                "id": 1
                        "state": "down",
                        "gui-readonly": 0

Is there any chance to impliment a protocol based on a dimmer to get the ITL-210 show up nicely in the gui? The problem of this device is the fact, that you can set the dimlevel only by pressing "on" at the right time Wink

Best regards
The old answer is still valid.
Yeah, that would already thought that you would say that Wink
As it's working right now with the screen protocol, everything's fine Smile
ok, i own this dimmer too. this dimmer is working well with 'intertechno_old' protocol for ON/OFF at pilight v6.0.

on the web client side there is a jqmobile 'slider' element generated. i think two simple buttons would support the dimmer feature for this switch. the mentioned workarround to get two buttons with other mentioned protocol to get a +/- caption instead is not very nice and handy.

i have done some changes to web gui code of pilight v6.0 which will show up a jqmobile 'option button set' with two buttons and the correct caption when protocol is 'intertechno_old' (hard coded) over the existing slider element.

a workarround which fits my personal needs and works well.

if anyone needs modified files just ask for a zip.

this post is related to my initial post here.

regards oli
Dear all

I know it is an old thread. But it seems to be a (undocumented) feature that the ITL-210 also accepts dimlevel commands.

I use it successfully with the kaku_dimmer protocol and I can set the dimlevel by using the slider.
exactly. I recently had a "Intertechno Lan Gateway ITGW-433" to play around for a weekend.
With this device you can control the intertechno dimmers (at least ITLR-300) with absolute dimming-commands.
See previous posts here and here.

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