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[Done] Doorbell GPIO input (gpio_switch protocol)
We already have gpio_out as in the relay protocol.
It becomes really usefull if pilight works with events.
Something like: doorbell pressed, debounce -> event handler -> pilight_send <bell on>

Is it also posible to add more options to gpio_out (relay protocol)
I think it come in handy when it's possible to have a toggle function (on/off) and a pushbutton. (button pressed ->gpio active)
With a pushbutton there should also be settings like active high or active low (on =1 or on =0), and a delay time.
gpio_mswitch (momentary switch)?
sounds good!
I'm glad this subject comes back again :-)

Taptalked u see
Maybe what BenPi said,


thinking out loud:
with an variable option to delay (pushbutton or toggle) Toggle=0 meaning pushbutton. Toggle=5 meaning delay 5sec.
Like is said before. gpio_out is already supported in the relay protocol.
bump Wink

Something for the "Feature Request Thread..." ?
I scan this topic every now and then so no need.

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