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Approved Sender and Receiver Kit
Good news. I currently also sell the approved sender and receiver kits from ebay.

Each kit will cost € 12,50 including shipment.

If you want to buy the kit with the filter, the price will be € 22,50.

Those who want to order a sender/receiver can pay me on my paypal account at order@pilight.org. Put your address in the description (and don't forget to mention the country you're living in and what you're ordering).

All orders will be (normally) shipped within a week which means you can be ready 4x faster than waiting for the ebay delivery and you support pilight as well.

If you want to buy additional senders, they will be 3,50 each.

The costs for those ordering in Europe will be € 13,50 to cover the additional shipment costs, and wordwide will be € 14,50. For the full kit this will be for Europe € 23,50 and wordwide € 24,50
Please do you have some pictures ?
[Image: 26864-main.jpg]

[Image: 28900-dscn1395-attiny45.jpg]

[Image: 8_Pin_IC_Socket.jpg]

[Image: 470r-resistor-0.25w.png]
is the software in the atmel?
And can i buy a total fixed one?
Is there a manual with it?
Firmware is in the ATmel. Howto can be found on github firmware repository. All can be places on a breadboard or soldered yourself.
Hello, I am from Spain, so I cant't buy the kits you sell. I have been looking for the same sender and receiver on eBay, but it is out of stock. I have found this other kit wich is not commented on the forum (at least I haven't found it):


Has anybody tried it?

Thanks in advance! Smile
I'm willing to test shipment to Spain (should theoretically work and i also tried France before), but the risk will be yours.
(05-06-2014, 02:46 PM)curlymo Wrote: I'm willing to test shipment to Spain (should theoretically work and i also tried France before), but the risk will be yours.

ok, let's try, at least, if it doesn't arrive I will colaborate with this awsome project Smile . I am going to proceed with the payment. When it arrives I will notify it on the forum
Just for curiosity:

At beginning of March'14 I ordered the recommended Receiver/sender kit directly from Sunyou Logistics Limited, Hong Kong.
The parts have been shipped on 2014-03-07 and I received them today (2014-05-16)!
I already thought ... money lost ... but never you should give up Wink

So thanks to Curlymo I'll going for the receiver part ... see you
I have a established a direct link with the Chinese supplier so i can buy these devices in large bulk with a fair delivery time (paid shipment). However, there a so many orders (10 p/w) that i currently can't keep up with them. That's why I increased the number of kits I order to make sure the stock doesn't run out that fast.

So, indeed. You can buy them for about € 2.50 less in China directly and risk a delivery time of about 1 to 2 months.

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