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Approved Sender and Receiver Kit
(02-23-2016, 06:22 PM)curlymo Wrote: Yes

Hey. It has not yet arrived. Do you have any tracking information?

Is the Busware CUL Stick (http://busware.de/tiki-index.php?page=CUL) supported to use with plight?

Hi curlymo,

can I order a sender and receiver at order@pilight.org?

Ordered a pizero yesterday and want to extend my pilight range.

Can I order just the transmitter (KXD10036) and if so, what are the costs per part?

Send me a mail directly and we will arrange something.
I've ordered this kit months ago. It is working fine but I would like to increase the transmitter's range. My transmitter has the TX-1 mark on it, with a SF R433D on it. 

Can I power it from a 12V power supply? Or is it too much? 

Also, is it OK to have a step up from 5V to 9V connected to the arduino's 5V, and to the radio? I've tried using 9V on the radio and it has a much better range.
Legally the RF power output is limited.

Electrically you should not exceed the supply voltage of your device at the I/O pin (for the pi it means 3.3V).

Without additional circuits my recommendation is "No, do not try it."

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