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Approved Sender and Receiver Kit
I have powered my (recommended) transmitter with 12 volts, using a step-up regulator, without problems and with a better range. The transmitter's input is connected to an output pin of the PI and does not present a harmful voltage to that pin.

For the receiver this would be another story, because it's output could indeed destroy the input of the PI. The supply voltage of the receiver itself is limited to 5 volts anyway and as long as the transmitter is connected to the PI as recommended (with filter and resistors), these 5 volts are also safe.
And as long as the programming of the pi's internal resistors is properly done.

IMHO is the problem with the internal IO interface of the pi, designed for 3.3V as maximum voltage with no protecting overvoltage suppressing diodes in place and 16 mA as combined current for all IO's.

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I want to buy the Sender and Receiver Kit with the filter. Is this kit pre-soldered to a PCB that i can connect to the GPIO from the RPI?
It's not pre-soldered.
Good morning people,

I received the recommended transmit and receiver from the pilight store to replace my cheap and short-ranged rx and tx modules. I installed the transmitter and was amazed with the range.

Problem came when tried to replace the receiver. I wired everything using the previous wiring scheme attached to the cheap receiver and it just doesn't work. No receiving a single code from pilight or RFSniffer. If I put back the cheap receiver, it works again. Must add that i'm using a logic level converter to convert the received 5v signal to 3.3v to not fry the Raspberry PI GPIO.

[Image: $_57.JPG]

I haven't tried the new pilight receiver powered using 3.3v and ignoring the converter, but I don't think it's the issue. I'm doing something wrong? or it's a faulty unit? Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!
Can you post a picture of the wiring?
I'm trying to, I just need some time, my work lately is hell on earth! Heart
Good morning, people, I know that has passed several months but I wasn't able to have some free time until now, to begin fiddling with the raspb and the sender/receiver kit bought here, at the store (see my previous message)

As I said before with the kit, the sender works flawlessly. Yesterday, I was even able to attach a tiny 433mhz SMA antenna to it, and works great.

The receiver still doesn't work. Replaced my chinese-cheap-but-completely-functional receiver wire by wire. GND to GND, 5V to 5V, and DATA to the pilight receiver. But neither the sniffer from 433utils nor pilight-daemon receive a single signal. I reattach my cheap receiver and signals are received again. I'm connecting GND,5V and DATA to the pin block opposite to the pin block with the antenna connector. There are a fourth PIN (don't remember the label) which I left untouched.

The data is lowered to 3v before being sent to the Rasp and the circuit is working nicely, because -again- the cheap one works and receive signals, not at the range I would have liked, but receive after all. That is why ordered the pilight one, was supposed to be more powerful.

Any help? or  I just won the loto and bought the defective one?

Thank you so much, people!
Can you attach a LED between DATA (of the receiver) and GND (of the Pi) and see if it blinks dimly?
For this experiment you don't.

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