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Looking for 868mhz receiver
For a few weeks know i've been looking for good 868Mhz receiver. I tried some but they didn't work well. I have a 868Mhz weather station i want to use to create the first 868Mhz support.

If people know some cheap devices working on 868Mhz which i can take apart that will be fine as well.
Here are some receivers, that could be interesting:
RMF01 - 3,50€
RMF12B - 6€
RMF12BP - 13€
CC101 -18€
TCM310 -30€

Indeed but i don't know how to get the RFM* to work.
(05-06-2014, 03:48 PM)curlymo Wrote: Indeed but i don't know how to get the RFM* to work.
Here are some informations about the moduls:
Here is a projekt with the RMF12 modul.
Hope this helps Angel

Nope Smile

Maybe some of these guys can write a module for us? Can you ask. My german is not that good...
I will try to find/ask someone.
Here is a blog post with sample c code.

Already tried that c code but couldn't get it to work with OOK.
I bought the Aurel RX-AM8SF however as soon as the actual 868Mhz pulses arrive, the receivers stops outputting (according to the RPi) and start again when the pulses are finished. This shows me that the receiver "knows" something is going on but i can't get the pulses to show on my RPi. Does anybody know how i can fix that?
This is looking like what I've had with my Aurel (you surely remember my frustrations at that point ..).
I will monitor this topic in case something new will happen. I have a bunch of heater controls working on 868 MHz (where the control base is somewhere in the basement and used to be unreliable) and a window contact, so enough hardware here to test with Big Grin
Hey, I've found a bunch of devices for 868 MHz and OOK modulation. http://www.tme.eu/en/katalog/#id_categor...2C15228%3B
There is a "ebay" one as well: http://www.ebay.de/itm/868M-RF-ASK-OOK-S...1136175179
Am I on the right track?

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