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[Invalid] Can pilight work together with the 433 remote?
So i've got pilight controlling a set of 3, 240v power sockets. Via the web GUI i can turn them on and off.

I run into a problem though, that when you use the 433 remote control that pilight does not seem to listen for the keypresses by the remote control and record the valid state on the webgui.

So eg.

  1. On webgui, socket 1 is "off"
  2. Press socket 1 "on" on the remote control
  3. Webgui still records it as being "off" instead of now "on"

I know this isn't a perfect science, for example there is no way for the power socket to report back to pilight if it's current status is 'on' or 'off'.

But could pilight be configured to listen to the remote control keypresses and assume they were received OK by the power socket and update the pilight status for that device to whatever the keypress was?
Is the remote supported or not?
Yeah of course. It's a clever watts electrical socket set with remote.
If the protocol is properly working and you have defined a good config, then pilight should update the webgui state.
Oh I see! It already does detect and update! Thanks for explaining that Curlymo.

I see the problem that is getting the webgui out of whack is when my family press the button on the socket, which does not send out any 433 transmission for pilight to pick up on.

Nothing that can be done about that though.
Nope, just whack your family instead of letting pilight get whacked Wink

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